Club Cards: Rock Bottom Mug Club

Rock Bottom Brewery in Minneapolis is an excellent place to go.

I mean, you do have to make the decision to drink or drive. If you choose the former, you may have to do a bit of finagling to get to and from. People are clever though.

But the happy hour is excellent for drinks and has appetizers that are about $3-$6. When they tap a new beer, everyone there for the tapping gets a complimentary pint. Plus, they brew their own beer, which is always a nice touch. In a recession, what’s not to love?

As I usually go to Rock Bottom with seasoned Rock Bottom-goers, they enlightened me several visits ago to a miracle called the Rock Bottom Mug Club. It goes like this: you tell your server that you want to join the club, they give you a club card which you have to register on-line, and each time that you go to Rock Bottom and exercise your Mug Club privileges, you automatically get a mug of beer for the price of the pint that you actually ordered. Victory.

There are some random incentives too as you rack up your visits. I’ll be completely honest though – I’m not in it for the pint glasses and t-shirts, I’m in it for the beer.

If you want to hear more straight from the horse’s mouth, check it out: Rock Bottom Mug Club.


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