Daily Archives: 02.12.2009

The issue of the day.

Every once in awhile when I’m high and dry for ideas, something really good comes along.

Today, I pose a question to you that the modern male pagan asks himself each day: Where does one find a woman to celebrate Samhain with?

See, before Marcus and I go to swing lessons (which Marcus was a fiend at tonight), we have a drink or some nosh at Joe’s Garage because they have a ridiculous happy hour and is right next door to the dance studio.

Figuring after the OJ Simpson conspiracist at Old Chicago last weekend, I was SOL on interesting bar-farers for the time being, imagine my surprise when the individual sitting next to us struck up a conversation with the bar tender (who was quite excellent, by the way) and started surfing the internet like a man with a plan.

NOTE: Do not ever surf the internet on a computer (PDAs are okay) in a bar. If the last man did not teach you all this lesson, then let this reinforce that message.

So they get into this really heavy conversation about the pagan festivals, a mutual deep desire to attend Burning Man, which I cannot even begin to explain (you just have to read to try and get that one) and the difficulties of finding women to invite/bring to pagan festivals including but not limited to Samhain.

I will be the first to admit that Paganism isn’t something I know a great deal about. But I really did not see this one coming. And now we know.