Club Cards: The Big Deal Card

There is no shame in saving money when its easy to do. So, hear me out.

Personally, I’m not a big Warehouse District person. If you know me, then you know that I am far more suited to Uptown or Nicollet Mall.

That being said, the Warehouse District seems to be fairly popular amongst many individuals in my age group as well as KDWB. I’m not really sure where I heard about this one (it may have been in the STrib actually), but if you like rolling down there, you’ll appreciate this I think.

The Warehouse District bars, restaurants and clubs banded together to produce this card which you can get for free by clicking on the link here:

The Big Deal Card.

The deals aren’t listed on the card but rather, on the website since the participating venues seem to change them/add from time to time. Some are drink specials, discounted or (free) cover, or food specials (along the lines of buy one-get one, or a complimentary appetizer).

Rock it.


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