The Jury Is In

Michelle and Dr. Biden were rockin’ today at the Inauguration. I was hoping for more of a jewel tone than chartreuse on the First Lady but she still looked classy + fabulous. Dr. Biden made the perfect choice in her red wool coat with the button on the side off the collar. Sasha + Malia looked charming in their matching jackets, which were apparently JCrew. Such an appropriate choice for the girls and the mood of the economy. I am impressed.

I’m glad that Michelle went with the one shoulder floor-length gown for the Inaugural balls. It just works for her. Many women can’t rock that style (try as they might). Dr. Biden stuck with the red theme and had a beautiful strapless gown on that appeared to have some sweet ruffles at the hemline.

We got the chance to watch Barack’s speech in History of Journalism (thank God for KRF) – it wasn’t super-eloquent, but it was a strong message for America delivered by someone who has the credibility to see it through.

Fact I did not know about the swearing-in ceremonies: When the incoming President and Vice President are sworn in, their wives hold the Bibles on which they take their oath.


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