Club Cards: Parasole Dining Club

In the spirit of the recession, I’ve found another deal that is simply irresistible.

Parasole, the company that owns Chino Latino, Manny’s, Figlio, Salut (Edina + Saint Paul), Muffuletta, Pittsburgh Blue, Good Earth (Edina + Roseville), The Living Room and Prohibition has come up with a dining club card.

The deal is this: for every $1 you spend (pre-tax+tip), you get a point on your card and every 150 points you earn gets you $10 back. Not the greatest ROI, but considering that all Parasole restaurants cost a bit more and the fact that no one was getting anything back before, its a good deal.

Its free to register and they mail you the card in about a week.

Parasole Dining Club

Parasole also gets points for having “Tender Prices for Tough Times” specials at Figlio, Salut, Pittsburgh Blue and Muffuletta. The specials seem to hover around $8.95-$11.95 depending on the restaurant and the offerings. Some of the specials require at least two people to order it for it to be valid but still, who wants to eat alone?


One response to “Club Cards: Parasole Dining Club

  1. sarahreigstad

    Hey now the Dining Club is even easier: 1. It’s now FREE to Join. 2. Signup can be done at any Parasole restaurant and you walk away card in hand. Check it out:

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