2009 Cruise Mega Post

We got our luggage. Thus, the vacation was much more enjoyable than it would have been had we actually needed to live out of the meager possesions we purchased at Target, safely packed in our new ladybug-print duffel bag. All of that (with the exception of the bag, which was purchased at a store we don’t have in Minnesota and comped by the airlines) will be returned tomorrow.

Day 1: 1/3/09
Today we learned how to dance the meringue, which wasn’t actually that complicated. Finding our luggage outside of our room after the muster drill was like, the best surprise ever. Our dinner seating is late (8:30 pm), which is actually quite late, but still nice for having the rest of the day to do whatever. Main seating (6 pm) would be too early, so we’re happy. We did a martini tasting in the martini lounge and Marcus somehow managed to lose his camera and room key today. Luckily, we found the camera in the theater and he was able to get a new key/SeaPASS made.

Day 2: 1/4/09
Today we participated in the wine tasting at 2 pm in the Grand Dining Room. It was $20/person to participate and we tasted 12 wines (six red, six white) from around the world. We tried the sushi bar, which was actually rather disappointing. They had WAY too much rice in their rolls. Formal night was tonight – we looked pretty smokin’, and we went to see the show, Liverpool Live, which was actually pretty terrible. I think shows are not Celebrity’s main focus for entertainment. Oh, and our waiter’s name is Sukarya – he’s a pretty cool cat.

Day 3: 1/5/09 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Today we went ashore in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Jamaica isn’t really my favorite place. We hit a little beach that was literally, right off of the pier. It was $5 each for entrance and a beach chair which was really nice. We also hit Margaritaville, which was right next door for lunch. What was nice about this is that they gave us wristbands to bring to the Grand Cayman Margaritaville for drinks. Marcus did a Daquiri tasting today, we listened to the big band play and saw the comedian. The a/c broke today while we were onshore/laying on the deck, but Celebrity gave us a $50 room credit for the inconvenience, which was superb.

Day 4: 1/6/09 – Grand Cayman
Today we went to the Seven Mile Beach, which was, charming as per the usual. It was only $13 USD/person for the cab ride both ways and beach chairs which is a pretty good deal in Grand Cayman. We exchanged our wristbands at Margaritaville here for drinks which were, kind of mini-drinks but given the fact that they use Caymanian Dollars at the Margaritaville in Grand Cayman, it was a more than acceptable drink for a second drink. Marcus did a Margarita tasting while I just had a Margarita on the ship and it was just fantastic. I’ve also decided that my new favorite thing about the whole cruise is the icy-cold towels they give you before you get on the tender to refresh yourself on the ride back. Superb.

Day 5: 1/7/09
Today we participated in the wine+food pairing activity which was just fantastic. The Cellar Master was funny, it was informational, and entertaining. We will now use this as our license to be wine snobs. It was cloudy for the first half of the day so we burned-through the clouds and we drank the vodka that we brought on the ship today. It didn’t make sense to leave a whole bottle or bring it through customs. Thank god for the orange-mango-guava-passion fruit juice in the machine in the buffet/”casual restaurant” area. We also saw an absolutely ridiculous juggler tonight.

Celebrity had the most immaculate service I have ever seen on a cruise line. There were like zero children, and they weren’t constantly hawking alcohol at us even though it was more than available everywhere. Did I mention that it was probably the most perfect, relaxing vacation ever? Well, it was, with the best man I could ask for.


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