Tids and Bits: Part V

Its the most wonderful time of the year.

  • White Russians: Every year when we go to my Uncle’s house, he is always very careful to make sure that any and all types of liquor are available, that way every family member will be able to quench their thirst in exactly the manner that they’re craving. And I get the really basic stuff that’s out like vodka, whisky, gin and tequila, but then we swerve towards the more bizarre like brandy, bourbon and kahlua. I’m never quite sure what he means for us to do with the kahlua or who he expects to drink it, but with the recent popularity of White Russians and the fact that we were seven drinks in, Chris, Pete and I decided to go on an alcohol adventure which was palatable to us and no one else.
  • “The December Dilemma”: Apparently according to like every conversion book in the world and the Rabbis, converts are supposed to feel this overwhelming sense of woe and loss about moving from Christmas to Hanukkah and some sort of sense of strife. I think mostly people just don’t understand the boundary between observance and celebration. Observance is the religious part, celebration is the enthusiastic affirming part. I see no problem in celebrating Christmas with my family. I celebrate because its important to them and because its a special time when we get to be together. When I try to explain how fine Mom, Dad and Billy are with all of this, I get totally skeptical looks from everyone. However, its not really appropriate and within the bounds of civilized conversation to be like, my family is a group of hippies that are disguised as Wasps.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip: Its like the new black pretty much. Once a rarity, now seems to be a wide-spread party favorite. Which is incredibly depressing because it used to be one of my faves to make. Now, its like making a bringing a seven-layer dip. Everyone loves it, but its not inventive.
  • Dancing Lessons: Marcus has once again outdone himself in gifting. Knowing my distrust of tickets for performances because we had a streak for awhile, he got clever and gave me a gift certificate for four ballroom dance lessons for the two of us. Given our propensity for ridiculous dance moves at others’ weddings and the relative lack of opportunities to use said sweet moves, I’m incredibly excited. This will raise our street cred by 500% probably.
  • The Tragic Cats: So I’m cat sitting for my cousin and her husband who have two kitties who are ordinarily good natured. However, since I have started to care for them, Ruby has decided to put ALL of her effort into thwarting me. She hisses, she stares me down, she follows me and then tries to swipe at me. I like cats – we have one and he’s fairly nuts, but really its kind of out of control. I feel bad because I know cats get lonely when their humans are gone, but this is a whole different ball game.

I hope that you’ve all had your fair share of egg nog, latkes, or whatever it is that really gets you going for the holidays.


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