Tids and Bits: Part IV

Again, WAY too much stuff going on and not enough cohesive thoughts to really come up with anything jazzy so, here goes…

  • Cruise Prep: Marcus found a most excellent hotel deal for us in Miami which rocks since we’re getting there the day before. Its right by the water and it appears, according to google maps that there’s enough to do around there to keep us entertained.
  • Shopping: I’m pretty much done with present shopping, which rocks. I’ve got to swing by Target for a few things and of course, wrap, but otherwise I’m pretty much set. Oooh, and I went swimsuit shopping online today. It should be interesting to see how they actually look when they come in.
  • Going Home: I head back to good old Plymouth tomorrow. It will be nice to have non-Dan-cooked meals and actual heat but packing is ridiculous. Mom thought Billy and I could haul everything home in the Civic, which is not happening, and I keep on forgetting how much stuff I have.
  • Wine: I know, an ever-popular theme round these parts…but since last digest, I realized that there are $2 glasses at Blarney’s during their happy hour and La Boca is selling for $3.99 at TJ’s, which is as per the usual, fantastic.

Keep it classy kids.


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