Clipping Coupons

Before this year, I didn’t ever really nip coupons out of the paper. Really, its just kind of awkward, a little bit time consuming and then you have to remember to actually use them.

However, when it saves me $5 running my errands, which is either 3 drinks on campus, one quick lunch, or a drink downtown, there’s no reason not to take the free money. It honestly doesn’t make sense.

Given, some weeks there are better coupons than others, and you have to kind of collect a number of coupons in order to really enjoy the “deal” aspect. But today there was one in the paper for $1 off a Revlon product that’s good until April. As eyeliner is $7 a stick, I can get on board with that. Marcus and I were talking about going out to breakfast on Friday morning and there were four breakfast coupons in the paper today for Perkins. Seriously.

So here are a few websites I found on Yahoo that I think may be worth checking out.

Coupon Cabin

Fat Wallet

Retail Me Not


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