Grad school anyone?

The economy continues to be stellar as usual.

And by that I mean we keep on cutting jobs and budgets. The thought of graduating and having to deal with that is legitimately frightening.

Mom called me yesterday to inform me that if it keeps up like this, which it probably will, she and Dad are sending me to grad school. This is news to me.

Not that I mind going to school. Actually, when the instructor/subject is good, I rather enjoy school. Its just more of the, going to more school right now was not part of the here and now plan. I would like to go get my MBA someday.

However, I do enjoy having health insurance and its not like I can hang around next year and just work at a coffee shop. I would have to work at a coffee shop AND go to school, otherwise the last four years were a total waste.

So the winter break plan is cover letters, resumes, job applications, GMAT and GRE studying and personal/goal statements and essays. Rock. I might actually do more work over break than I did during the semester.

2 responses to “Grad school anyone?

  1. I’m so jealous. I would give half of an ovary to be able to wait out the crap economy whilst safely ensconced in higher higher learning. What do you want to get your degree in?

  2. In real-world-need health care-bad economy, I would go to Metro State (because its $3000/semester aka cheap) and go for Marketing or Project Management as they only offer approximately four tracks. In dream-world where Kat gets a job and someday her employer pays for her to go to Carlson or St. Thomas, HR.

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