The 1st Splash of Blue

I’m at a coffee shop in St. Louis Park right now doing homework and studying before conversion class (we start hebrew lessons tonight as well!).

Anyway, this day is one of the few days that I am truly grateful to have internet on my phone so that I can follow the election results.

And on the New York Times homepage, I have just seen the first color on the map. And its blue 🙂

Billy and I rolled out to Plymouth this morning to cast our ballots at 7 am. And honestly, seeing everyone that took twenty minutes to put an effort into improving their life and their families’ lives in the next four years was truly touching. There were so many people at the polling place that people were sitting on the floor and in pews to vote because the 22 booths were not enough. My favorite part was that there was a mother with two small girls behind me in the line and they were asking the cutest questions about voting and elections and presidents.

And I was truly proud to finally be able to vote in a Presidential Election and be able to have that first vote be for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


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