Go and Vote.

In less than 24 hours, we will have a fairly good idea of who our president is.

However, the last two weeks have just been depressing. From the Jacksonville Journal we have an article about the , Sense of Unease in Some Black Voters. It is so sad that in our country, some people legitimately feel that their vote will disappear mysteriously.

And on a completely different note, it incenses me that John McCain keeps on running around talking about being an outsider to Washington. Voting record aside, he has been in congress for 26 years. He is not an outsider. Being ANYWHERE for 26 years takes away your outsider status.

That being said, you need to go vote tomorrow. Do it to get out of class, or because you actually genuinely care. And please, vote for Barack Obama. There are so many different reasons why, and frankly I would write the world’s longest blog post trying to share them all with you.


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