DIY Sushi

Its Sunday. Which means that Marcus and I are cooking. This was somewhat of a regular occurrence that began in January and then tapered off about halfway through the summer because things were just way-too nuts. But we’re back on track again. Last week, we made our interpretation of Tostadas, which were delightful. Making other tapas will likely be our next project so that we have yet another dinner party skill, which will be followed by the pasta stir-fry.

So this week, we’re making sushi, because that’s what we’re doing for all of our double-dates from now until December, basically. And its actually not that hard to make. Given, I don’t actually know anything about the preparation of the rice (that’s his forte), but still, its not exactly rocket science. It just dirties a lot of dishes and is time consuming.

Update: We made the sushi…which for some reason at this moment in time seems like FAR more than any two human beings could ever eat. And we tried to make a festive mushroom dish that turned out a splash bit salty (like eating the sea) but, it could be excellent next time.


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