Wedding Mania: Part II

The bridal shower was yesterday. And really, it went well. Natalie (Jenna’s 3 year-old) was really well behaved and Samuel (Rachel’s infant) didn’t spit up on anything expensive. Everyone wore the booties and the food was quite good.

The downside was that despite Phyllis’ newly-installed central air, the basement was still about 100 degrees. We were sweating. Profusely. And I had to crumb a table. Which was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve done ever.

Mom sent me the week’s itinerary today (its seven pages long) and I made reservations at the Sheraton. According to the itinerary, I guessed right about the rehearsal dinner and made the right purchase on Saturday.

Oh, and the best part. Marcus came and picked me up from Summit Ave. because the shower went, oh, an hour or so longer than it was supposed to and then we were supposed to wash all the china. Phyllis wanted him to come inside, which he did and upon entering the kitchen, Val ambushed us all by asking him to be the videographer for the wedding ceremony. I bent in half laughing in hysterics along with the rest of the family. But she was so serious. Marcus is videographing my cousin’s wedding ceremony. Don’t ever think that your family can’t get any weirder.


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