Cabin: Days 7 and 8

I left Crosslake at 10 am to embark on the next adventure to Mads’ cabin. The drive to Deer River took about an hour and a half and I got there about two hours before everyone else. I had lunch at Shelly’s which is the nicest restaurant in town. Two words: knotty pine.

So far, we’ve all been on boat rides, gone tubing, and drank far too much for our own good. Actually its been exactly the right anount for our own good. Its pretty much the best ever.

And how could I forget, I had the longest-lasting leg cramps from hell last night at 2 am. And we got stranded in the middle of the lake and had to start rowing before the engine decided to kick in again.

This has been the most relaxing week ever. But I’m ready to go home. It is definitely time to re-join civilization.


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