Cabin: Day 5

I think I have finally managed to transition into complete relaxation mode. But spending prolonged periods of time away from my phone (yes, three hours is long for me), having no schedule, and not having to cook for myself/cook in a dirty and poorly equipped kitchen has done a great deal for me.

We have eaten corn on the cob every day. And pretty much all of the clams in my clam ranch have buried themselves.

We went out on the Whitefish Chain again today and saw another nine loons. Billy waterskiied on Trout Lake. Dad tried to convince me that I should go but, the Great Waterskiing Accident of ’05 has left me so very permanently without the desire to waterski ever again. Still, the boating was fun.

Tonight, we gathered round to watch Free Willy. Such an unlikely story, so deep. Actually, our favorite part of the entire movie was the portion where Michael Jackson did the music video.  I think that the 6th grade choir at Oakwood might have sung it at some point. The horror.


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