Oh Say, Can You See…

The cabin weekend was out-of-control.

The first night, Marcus, Billy, Val, Aaron and I dominated a liter of Jose and two bottles of margarita mix. Last time we were up at the cabin, there was no liquor to be found. This weekend, when we got up, I looked in the cabinet and it was beyond full.

Marcus fully embraced the experience of the cabin by consuming Sweaterbox Chicken Salad no less than six times in 24 hours with the rest of the cousins.  I got to show off my cooking prowess by making a much-beloved buffalo chicken dip (it was gone in like, two hours) – which Auntie Mary Kay, coincidentally happened to be looking for a recipe to as well as a chocolate chip banana bread.

We got incredibly sunburned and caught chiggers while floating down the Pine River into our own. We watched Crosby set off a prolific number of fireworks.

In like, two weeks I get to do it again?


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