Eat, Pray, Love

I think I’m going to try to write a little bit about each of the books I read this summer…you know, given the fact that Mads has roped us all into a book club and otherwise, I forget what I’ve read.

I finished Eat, Pray, Love today. It’s a memoir-esque sort of story about one woman’s journey of re-discovery. And during the year that she’s re-discovering, she visits Italy, India and Indonesia.

Starting out at the beginning of each new country was hard, because by the time you were finishing up a country, you had fallen in love and didn’t want to leave. I could have spent forever in Italy and then in India and finally in Indonesia, though the three of them were totally separate in terms of culture and the phases of her life.

I wonder what it would really be like to go for a year without cell phones, internet (most of the time) and carry all of your belongings with you in a satchel.


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