Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, there was a lot of slow cooking things one day so that we could eat them the next. There was also a lot of foraging/leftover eating this week.

Monday – Enchilada Casserole, Black Beans, Cilantro-Lime Rice

I sort of just threw this together? And I made an extra one for the freezer? The second one was going to live happily at our house but The Universe intervened and delivered it to a friend with a new baby at home.

Wednesday – Easy Slow Cooker Yellow Coconut Curry Chicken, Rice, Steamed Broccoli

Easy. Tasty. Every time.


More Fitness

Hey friends.

Are we tired of fitness posts yet? (Seriously I don’t know, you need to tell me if you are bored dot com by this.)

Also, did I mention that I am in a wedding in two weeks? I am! But that is not why I am working out because let’s be honest, I am one mama of two children, one of them being six months old. This is real life right here.

Because every post needs a picture (otherwise our attention wanders!), here is a snap of our basement workout area.

Complete with beer fridge!

Honestly, moving the hand-me-down green couch out of the basement and not being able to fit the cream couch down the stairs has been a real blessing. It has left us (me) with more than enough room for the treadmill and floor space for yoga and workout videos. Which are apparently now a thing that I do.

Because I am a wild woman, I bought some 2 lb weights last week and those are a thing that I own now.

I also wanted to pop in to share a great workout video I found – this one is some sort of bizarre cardio dance yoga thing that is the most fun ever. I have done it three times and each time it is hard and each time it is a hoot.

If you have any favorite workout videos that you like to do, please share them in the comments!

My Life in Three Pictures

Can I just tell y’all how glad I am that daycare spring break is over (omg nightmare), ECFE two week spring break is over (nightmare), and library storytime hiatus is over (nightmare)?

Critter is deeply happy to be back in his routine. Glitter cannot tell the difference. I, along with my fellow mamas, am so glad to be done for the time being with piecing together a makeshift playdate schedule to keep us all sane.

This weather, you guys. It is killing me. Our across the street neighbors turned on the coordinated, block-wide Christmas light show this weekend in observance of the honest to God blizzard we are having MN. In our city we had a total 15.5″ as of Sunday AM which is…a lot and it just continued to rain from the sky today.

Um, this one is just to remind you I am a live human with a face because like, I don’t post that many snaps of myself on the blog anymore? And I am not a robot? I am just a mom with a mom ponytail! Who put on eyeliner on a Sunday because we had to go to the fundraiser at Critter’s school!

So much Bravo TV. We are in a beautiful, yet precious time of the year where RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm overlap. This is probably also the time of year where I am actively losing the highest number of brain cells as well.

Friday Food Round-Up!

After last week I was sort of cooked out you guys. Honestly I still am, but we need to eat. My personal chef is me.

Sunday – Slow-Cooker Southwestern Lomo Saltado, Black Beans, Rice, Fried Eggs, Aji Criollo

It was Marcus’ birthday on Saturday, someday we will actually get to go out for a birthday dinner for him. I brought his favorite meal from Chimborazo to him in our kitchen. We loved it. This is definitely a crockpot recipe that takes a bit of chopping but 11/10 will make again.

Tuesday – Breakfast Tacos

Have not eaten these in AGES, will be adding to the rotation.

Wednesday – 90’s Taco Salad

It was weird to have so many salads planned for last week and none for this week so here we are. With a salad. It was The Best.

Thursday – Slow Cooker Asian Pork Chicken with Mushrooms from Skinny Taste Fast and Slow, Steamed Rice, Broccoli

Marcus really liked this last time we made it so it seemed like an easy enough choice for this week!

HIITing It.

(Scene from this morning’s workout at barre class.)


After nine weeks, I am still going strong on my three times a week workout goal and I am proud of me! I will also share that Marcus has been just an incredible supporter of me in this. He makes time for me to go to a workout class on the weekends without the kids, on the nights I workout, he takes on some extra housework so that I can just head downstairs after dinner.

The treadmill is still awaiting its healer (they’ll be by this week) so I am still doing workout videos. They are the worst ever. I hate them. They do not even take very long but they are hard.

That said, I have been doing these two (Video OneVideo Two) from POPSUGAR pretty much on rotation and y’all they are working. I am finally feeling my core muscles engaging.

Also they are free and y’all know I love free things. Being able to workout in the basement continues to be the number one reason I am able to workout at all. I do like going to a weekly class, mostly so that I can leave my house without my children. But at the end of the day, nothing tops being able to just throw on some workout clothes, hustle downstairs and then be able to just walk back into my life when I am done.

Friday Food Round-Up!

So much cooking this week in honor of the holiday weekend and in observance of Passover. I made Party Salad for the first Seder, bread pudding for Easter.

Monday – One Skillet Steak and Spring Veg with Spicy Mustard

We have not made this in FOREVER but I think it will be a summer regular.

Tuesday – Matzo Pizza, Salad

Classic Passover meal.

Wednesday – Roasted Sausage, Sweet Potatoes and Wilted Spinach

Honestly we should be making this type of meal more. It is so easy to assemble. We again used Billy’s trick of making meatballs out of Italian Sausage full stop.

Thursday – Lawn Chicken Salad

Too much chopping.

Putting my feet up.

Honestly I just want to write right now so I can remember this feeling.

This weekend, for the first time since Critter was born, the holidays were…nice. Like, they were not easy and I spent a decent part of the Saturday and Sunday mornings feeling rushed, like I was doing a terrible job of paying attention to my family, and like I was scrambling just to keep up.

But when all was said and done, as soon as we were sitting down with our family at our Passover Seders and Easter Celebrations, everything came together. We got to relax. The children were festive. They survived the dreaded sleep ritual of going to bed at one place, getting transferred to the car to go home and being put back to bed in their cribs at home. To Glitter’s credit, she even slept through the night both nights after all of these shenanigans.

My brother came into town, which was wonderful. Hilariously the Easter Bunny brought Critter a wallet. He has been coveting Marcus’ and now he has his own complete with his own monies ($2)! He loves to carry it around and open and close it and God two year olds are just hysterical.

This is the dream, right?

To close out the weekend, a bizarre spirit of productivity took hold of me. I purged a garbage bag worth of old clothes from my closet, I cleaned the master bathroom, folded my laundry, re-did my pedicure, did a workout video, dealt with a bag of blankets and bedding that had been sitting at the end of our bed SINCE WE MOVED IN JULY.

I don’t know either. It all made sense at the time and while I was doing each of these things it was like time stopped or something so I just went with it.

Now, I’ve taken a moment to put my feet up.