Friday Food Round-Up!

My nausea finally turned a corner this week, you guys.  I am still suspicious of some things, but on Tuesday I was pretty much like HELLO FOOD.

You’ll notice a turkey theme this week.  We had a Thanksgiving turkey from Marcus’ employer that needed to be evacuated from our freezer.  So Mom cooked it on Sunday and then continued to reincarnate it.  We were not present for Monday dinner (because we were having a takeout farewell dinner in our old house!!!) but she did the turkey three ways – as a Thanksgiving Samosa wrapped in crescent roll dough, something involving bacon and brie and I cannot remember the third way but I should have had her take a picture because it was turning into Chopped here.

My mother would also like you to know she is not taking on any additional boarders at this time. 

Friday – Tater Tot Hot Dish

Sunday – Turkey with Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry Sauce, Cornbread Stuffing, Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes from Smitten Kitchen and Fresh Baked Bread

Okay.  Not my plate.  My plate was just like…not as Thanskgiving-y looking and also involved no brussels sprouts.  Forgive me.  On the other hand, I made the mashed potatoes so that was a great thing!

Monday- Turkey Wild Rice Salad

I have been secretly craving (and being repulsed by the idea of) chicken salad for probably a month.  This really filled my bucket.

Tuesday – Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup

In case you are wondering how much wild rice I can eat, the answer is A Lot.

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos with Cilantro Rice and Black Beans

Mom let me make the black beans. 🙂

Miscellaneous – Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mom said she was going to make cookies and I said, while you’re at it can you make them oatmeal?


What I’ve Been Reading

True story: this is probably two months of reading because surprise surprise I just have not had the time. I am hoping to pick it up a bit more in the months before Little Critter arrives but who knows.  I probably need to go through my library reserve list to make some updates. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Break in Case of Emergency by Jessica Winter

Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

The Deets.

Oh man, you guys.  So much to say.

I am pregnant.  We found out pretty much at the same time that we were preparing to list our house.  So I haven’t really been focusing on selling our house or being pregnant because there is just way too much going on right now.  But we close on the 24th and then I can just be a pregnant lady who lives in her parents’ basement and that will be a nice change of pace.

With that in mind, can I just say that everyone who is pregnant (especially if they have a toddler) should live with their parents?  I am just not kidding when I tell you MOM COOKS DINNER FOR US AND IT IS HEAVEN.  It is!  Heaven!  And I don’t have a whole house to clean.  Miracles.  All of it.

Pregnancy so far has been a total party.  Basically, I felt super nauseous for eight weeks and that was just a holly jolly time.  Hip pain set in at 6 wks so I have been sleeping on my memory foam mattress topper like a real life princess and the pea.  My doctor was pretty much like well since it has really only been a year since you were last pregnant, everything is going to hurt sooner, more and longer.  Me: Ish.

I am somewhat of a blogging fraud – I did cook all of the meals I shared in the Friday Food Round-Up over the last month and a half, but I’d say at least 1/3 of the pictures are of Marcus’ plate and not mine since I have had a fraught relationship with chicken and food in general.  I am sure you can understand

This week I caught a cold that I thought was on its way out for a few days and then it turned into full-on plague because I have the immune system of a newborn at the current moment.  I just want to do a shout-out to Marcus, my Mom and my mother-in-law for caring for Critter so I could just be…sick.  And sleep.  And watch some Real Housewives.


It is true.  Baby #2 is on the way!  We were so happy to share the news with Marcus’ grandparents at Critter’s first birthday party.  I am 13 weeks into this adventure, the Little Critter is due September 18th.

Friday Food Round-Up!

I know I should be writing more about the grand experiment known as multi-generational living.  Slowly but surely we are getting there.  In the interim, I will share food photos with you instead because that is what I can handle.

This week’s meals were slightly more eclectic, yet still delicious.  It could be summarized as: we needed to clean out our (collective) freezers and we needed to make dinner.

Saturday – Tater-Topped Sausage Egg-Bake

Excuse the eruption of Cholula, people.  Hot sauce improves all things.

I had a little brunch get-together with Brady, Hannah and Ang and for weeks now, tater tot egg bake was on my heart.  Sometimes, dreams do become reality.

Sunday – Salmon, Baked Potato, Green Salad, Fresh Baked Bread with Jam

Monday – Sesame Chicken, Korean BBQ Short Ribs, and Chicken Pot Stickers from Trader Joe’s, Asian Cabbage Slaw, Green Beans, Rice

Since we are in the process of merging two freezers together, Mom used this as an excuse to clean out (AKA eat) some of the food in her freezer.  I made the coleslaw!

Tuesday – Spaghetti with Meatballs, Antipasto Salad, Garlic Bread

This is your regular PSA to buy garlic bread from Lunds because it is the best.

Wednesday – Chicken and Bean Enchiladas, Cilantro-Lime Rice, Black Beans

Our night to cook! Or, to eat this pan of enchiladas that I froze at the beginning of January.  Win!

Thursday – Chicken in Simmer Sauce, Channa Masala, Szechuan Green Beans, Rice, Samosas, Naan

Another potpourri of a meal here.  Mom made the chicken.  The channa masala was from a batch that I froze.  The samosas and naan came from a takeout place.  We all ate.



Friday Food Round-Up!

We live in an all-inclusive resort now.  It is very fancy. All meals are provided, we simply show up. 

Just kidding. But that is sort of actually what it is like. Let’s just say that if I were solely responsible for cooking each night AND we were packing (which we are), we would probably be eating baked potatoes only or something at this point. 

Anyway, as promised, check out what my Mom made for dinner!  She and Dad have declared Wednesdays to be date night so ongoing I’ll be cooking on that night but other than that or the odd side dish wrangling, that is it. 

Sunday – Pot Roast with Salad

Monday – Lobster, Lobster Bisque, Tater Tots, Coleslaw, Garlic Bread

Tuesday – Stuffed Peppers, Salad, Asparagus Salad

Wednesday – Grampy Jim’s Turkey Sandwiches from Farmhouse Rules, Chef’s Cupboard Broccoli Cheese Soup

This is the meal we cooked this week. 

The amount of broccoli in the soup was negligible so I bought a steamer bag to add to it. It was a good idea.

Thursday – Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes, Peas, Kale Slaw Salad, Freshly Baked Bread

Someday We Are Moving: Basement Dwelling

We survived the move into my parents’ house and everyone is still married.

Critter had let me know that he is totally fine with everything because anytime I I dare to venture more than 10 feet away from him, he screams.  We are well and truly joined at the hip right now.  BFFs for sure.

If you were to look in our “closet” you would see that I am probably still living in some sort of low-grade denial because even though all of my things on hangers are hanging, all of the dresser things are in suitcases and I just cannot be bothered to organize them.  Related/unrelated, I really probably could straight-up pack up all of my running gear for the time being since I am not…running.  Just not mentally there yet, people.

I will not lie, there are some perks.  Mom cooks dinner.  There is full cable (we cut ours and switched to Sling in January).  We planned our first date night!

On the other hand, it is still exhausting because we have movers coming on Sunday (we’re set to close on the 24th) so every night after dinner we have to head back to the house to pack.  Who would not want to do such a thing after a long day of work/Critter tending?

Over the past month, we’ve toured four more houses.  Two were absolute “nos” and the other two were definite possibilities if the price drops.  All of this is to say that we have no idea where we’re going next.  At least open houses give us something to do on the weekends?