Some Things

Happy Monday!

Lindsey and Mike’s wedding was yesterday, today my body hurt from a day of heels and dancing and I am seriously wondering why I did not take the day off from work! There is not enough coffee in the world!!!

Related: Today I learned that the Caribou closest to me finally added nitro cold brew taps. This is a joy.

Back to yesterday. It was the most wonderful best day ever. I wore full eye makeup this weekend for the first time in a month and felt like a real beauty queen. My heart is filled with happiness to see my best friend’s ever after!

It is time for us to get into a routine now. The kids have some weird daycare closures in the next few weeks but otherwise our lives are going to start to look very normal/typical effective immediately. I have been waiting for this. Based on the children’s reaction to packing up for Auntie Lisa’s house this morning (they thought it was going to be a sleepover) they have been waiting for this too. I think I can also (safely) say at this point that I am just tired.


Some Things

  • PSA: If you bake Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in a cast iron skillet, it really elevates the experience.
  • Other PSA: There is some issue with formatting in the WordPress app which is why there are lots of odd bulleted lists and things in list format that are not lists at all. I cannot figure out how to resolve it but like all things it should pass.
  • Hello, all. (Yes, seriously this is in a list too)
  • Thus concludes a three day business trip by my husband, we are all looking forward to seeing him this evening.
  • The weekend went better than expected, I was less anxious about Marcus leaving than I have been in the past, things are getting easier simply because the kids are getting older. I cooked real dinners, did not meal prep, we did all of our grocery shopping for the week together. I drank all (ALL) of the nitro cold brew.
  • There was a point on Sunday morning where the children had assembled a literal MOUNTAIN of diapers, wipes (ripped from the package of course) and Cabbage Patch Dolls and instructed me to leave them to play by themselves. I was like BY ALL MEANS. I do not want to interrupt this, whatever this is.
  • Also, a Toy Purge update: We did it, we purged four bags of toys/books. It was…a lot.
  • I would say we are looking forward to getting into a normal routine again, but not this week. It is Yom Kippur on Tuesday/Wednesday, my best friend is getting married on Sunday and we have a weekend full of festivities ahead.
  • Some Things

    This AM’s treats from Honey & Rye AKA my new post-daycare drop-off spot on Thursday AMs.

    What else is new?

    • Over the holiday I did some organizing/decluttering/purging of our basement storage room. As a part of this process, I also took a trunk full of things to be donated to the local thrift shop.
    • I also realized we need to purge a lot of toys. Tons, even. My goal for the next week or two is to go through all of the toys (main floor, basement playroom, toy closet) and really be honest about what the children like to play with and also what they have outgrown. I expect to be appalled by the results.
    • When I was at Target to buy berries and bandaids, I saw their 20th anniversary collaboration area and found a pile of Lilly scarves and dresses. I had thought them to be sold out! I bought the scarves on the spot. The dresses motivated me to get online to see what I could order for Glitter to stash away for later. Now she has a few frocks for the future!
    • We survived family photos and got some great snaps. Whether or not we will get organized enough to send a holiday card this year remains to be seen.
    • Glitter’s baby monitor died which was just very inopportune. They don’t sell the one she was using anymore so we ended up testing out three before choosing a new one.
    • Our waffle maker also died (I did not realize there was a theme here until this instant! There is!) and now we own Marcus’ grandparents’ waffle iron that they used one time.

    Operation: (Rosh Hashanah) Turtle III

    Preface: We all know my concern for turtles in the middle of the road to be well-documented. To read more click here and here.

    Yesterday, I went on a walk during naptime, on what was truly the last nice day of the year (80! Sunny! Humid!).

    Not two minutes into my walk, I found a painted turtle, in the middle of the street.

    The last day of September seemed to be a little bit late for a turtle rescue. I have not seen many turtles at all this year and so to have this happen on the first day of the new year seemed to be auspicious? Strange? Telling of the new year to come? To be sure, a sign.

    Following the direction the turtle was pointed, I carried it across the street and set it where it would be safe to carry on. I was then greeted by two concerned women who told me that this tiny painted turtle was a snapping turtle and “very dangerous.”

    Happy New Year, indeed.


    The new year has started. Critter was insistent that we buy more honey for a sweet new year, Glitter is singing very sweetly about Rosh Hashanana.

    Last night we learned Glitter knew how to call the shofar blasts, we learned Critter could blow the shofar and he did so very exuberantly.

    First a PSA/invite to join 10Q this year. It is an annual reflection/day series that runs through the high holidays. You do not need to be Jewish to do it, the questions are not at all faith based.

    I got my answers from last year back this week. I predicted that this year we would bring in the harvest. When I wrote that I don’t even think I knew what that would really mean.

    We brought in the harvest. Like an actual harvest of food from our garden but also a metaphorical harvest.

    Without getting so far into that, an incomplete list of things I am bringing into 5780:

    • Normal deodorant. It was fine, then I was stinky again (or I felt stinky!!!). One swipe of regular deodorant, no feelings of stinkiness.
    • A recommitment to retinols. I took a break before Florida because of my eye and because my antibiotics also made me sun-sensitive. I need the retinols.
    • This stye/eye thing that is never going away. Or as my friend Caitlin said, you are bringing Staph into the new year. I am weary of wearing glasses daily and no eye makeup. It all feels too casual, I do not love it, yet here we are.
    • All of the nitro cold brew, less caffeine overall, generally speaking.
    • Being gentle to myself and others.

    It’s a work in progress. Shana tova.


    Tiny Queen, you are two.

    When I ask you to show me two with your hands you put up both of your index fingers and hold out both hands. Two! It is correct and extremely funny to see.

    A friend once described you as being “spunky.” I have described you as being “ferocious.” There is a little ember of pride in your eyes that is always glowing. You are strong.

    You love your brother, gymnastics, “hoops” (basketball), “hoo hoos” (owls), all meat, “bike so fast”, snugs, blankies and your loveys.

    Every day is an adventure with you.

    You are my favorite only daughter, the nicest girl, the best creation. Every day I spend with you is my best day.

    Happy Birthday.

    Some Things

    Back home, arrived to a clean house and a hot dinner, Marcus really distinguished himself there, I felt like a queen.

    • Last week I got a stye (first ever!) that got infected (gross) and in the course of 24 hours went from nothing to puffed up to this. It is much better right now, but still, how horrific, right? I finished my antibiotics today. Posting this so that I never forget it, FYI.
    • Our schedule. I feel like we have been somewhat adrift since late August. The kids had a week off of school, we had trips every other weekend, we added more daycare and that upended our routine. We are getting closer to being in one but honestly I don’t think we will be there until after Yom Kippur for a whole host of reasons.
    • Glitter’s second birthday is on Wednesday. Her party is this Saturday. I still need to decide on what we are serving, I still need to order balloons.
    • We have family photos on Thursday afternoon, I have spent no time planning our outfits.

    Cheers and happy Monday!