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It’s the end of the week already, and I haven’t popped in to say…anything.

Truth be told, I am pooped.  After a day of feeling cranky for no reason, I realized that I really haven’t had a chance to sit down and rest in the last two weeks and that most nights I have been running around like crazy.  So I re-scheduled my diner date with Eli (which I felt terrible about because girlfriend time usually energizes/relaxes me) and declared tonight to be a night in.  It was the right choice.

So what else has been going on?

  • My trusty Target sunglasses finally broke.  They were at least two years old and on Sunday night, one of the arms snapped clean off from the rest of the frame.  So after wearing some hot pink, clown-looking, faux-Ray Bans on Monday, I hightailed it back to Target to buy a new pair of sunnies, that I happened to choose because I felt like they looked like sunglasses that Kate Middleton might wear.  Also they fit my face.


  • Related/unrelated: my hair is The Longest It Has Ever Been and it needs to be cut.  Badly.  I have an appointment next Thursday and I cannot wait.  I’m not doing anything dramatic, just cutting off the 1″ – 1.5″ of dead ends so that everything looks healthy and swishy again.
  • I ate sushi for dinner tonight and it was the greatest meal of my life.  Tuna is pretty much off limits for pregnant ladies because of the mercury content, but after doing some research, I feel comfortable eating salmon-based rolls (and California rolls, obviously) from the places I know to be clean/safe.  I’m also drinking a cup and a half of coffee every day and eating brie (made with pasteurized milk) when the mood strikes so there are all of my vices for you.
  • This weekend (shockingly/not shockingly) Marcus and I are headed up to the cabin.  I am really excited to run, and watch the hummingbirds fight for hours on end, and swim (since the weather is going to be gorgeous!).  I may or may not have called The Yellow House (AKA Lake Country Craft and Cone) to place an order for 10 Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches so that we can feast like kings.


HI GUYS.  I know I’ve been radio silent this week – it was a busy one and I spent a lot of time running around.  When I wasn’t doing that, I was taking a moment to breathe.  Or sleep.  So you know, the usual.

  • From the department of Lives That Are Difficult, I haven’t had a PTO day in a month.  Thankfully, I have a handful (okay, two handfuls) strategically scattered throughout August, September, October and November.  And then it’s Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas and then Little Critter will be here.  I can be strong!
  • Last night I bought a couple of maxi skirts from Target after realizing that we had two casual days in a row this week and I had worn the same two maxi dresses for all of our casual days over the last month.  This is yet another trend (like maxi dresses) that I am two or three years late to join.  Anyway, they seem comfy and I am lead to believe that they are a “forgiving” garment.
  • From the department of superficial stuff that went down at my monthly appointment yesterday, my NP cleared the Celestial Seasonings Fruit Teas for drinking.  I had sidelined them when I got pregnant because something something herbal teas it is hard to know what is safe and what is not, but now that we’re into second trimester, I was ready to add a little more variety into my day.  Vanilla Rooibos is great, but I used to have a good tea schedule that went something like 7:30 AM Vanilla Rooibos, 9:00 AM Fruit Tea, 10:00 AM Green Tea (until I stopped drinking it because it tastes like trash) or more Fruit Tea.  It was splendid.    Raspberry Zinger is still a no, but Blueberry, Wildberry, Cherry and Peach are all a yes!
  • This weekend I am headed off to a bachelorette party-cabin weekend-extravaganza for one of my best girlfriends.  The maid of honor and I (I am the matron of honor) planned the weekend and I am so, so, so ready to get to the cabin we rented and just unwind.  I love hosting people and throwing parties, but planning events always gives me a little case of anxiety because like any hostess I just want everyone to have fun!  This is why three years ago I decided to set a birthday theme of “cake and champagne” for the rest of my life.


According to the new post visualization map on WordPress, apparently I have been absolutely terrible at posting this month.

I will blame that 100% on Minnesota’s gorgeous summer weather and the fact that we have been busy living life outside instead of on the internet.  What else is new?

  • I now own two Contigo water bottles.  I saw them on an end cap at Target and now have one on my desk at work and the other on my nightstand at home.  You can open the top canteen-style, or you can open the top cup-style where the cozy ends to drink like…a cup or to fill easily with ice.  Anyway, I really love them.  I think you would probably really love them too.

Water Bottle

  • I went to my 6 month follow-up dermatology appointment.  I didn’t need to have any moles removed, so I am extremely thankful about that.  I’ll just take a brief moment to do a PSA about skin checks.  If you have never been to a dermatologist before to get your body mapped, you really should.  It is painless and it is fast.  Melanoma is not a joke, early detection is important.
  • Speaking of skin, I’ve been trying really hard to be sun-conscious this summer because this is the rest of my life.  Most of this involves pretty basic stuff like…Sitting In The Shade, or putting on sunscreen before I run outside.  But I also invested in a facial sunscreen/moisturizer that I’m pretty pleased with because I did not own one of those before.  It’s Up&Up Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Ultra-Sheer Sunscreen.


  • Since it’s summer, American Ninja Warrior is back, and we cannot stop watching.  It’s pretty awesome.  I am endlessly fascinated by the “ninjas” who build their own obstacle courses to train on in the off-season.
  • We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary last Friday!  It’s crazy to think that it has been four years, but it also doesn’t feel like that long at all.  The celebration wasn’t too wild, but we went to a lovely dinner at Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis, and then we took a walk over the Mississippi River on the Stone Arch Bridge.


Hi, party-kittens.

Can you believe how quickly this week has gone?  Seriously, I feel like it was Easter yesterday and tomorrow it is Friday already.

Be forewarned, this is another blog post without pictures.  I feel like blog posts without pictures are kind of like trying to dry swallow pills.  But the amount of effort it would take to take pictures and stuff is just way too much right now, so we’re just going to have to muscle through all of this text together.

Today is one of those spring days that actually feels like late fall.  I am compensating by wearing a wool sweater, my favorite Texas flag shorts, and by drinking a mug (or two!) of hot chocolate.  No complaints here.  There’s a 99% chance that I’ll end up reincarnating this ensemble throughout the summer, because this is the state where you can wear all of your clothes in one day.

Also, I know that I am really late to this party, but I started watching Married At First Sight last night and I cannot look away!  I feel like we’ve covered a lot of topics on reality TV, but I am truly astonished that there is a show With A Second Season where people get married to total strangers.  I have no idea what channel it is actually on (I’ve been watching it the lazy way – on On Demand), but You Must Watch!

Finally, when I was at Target earlier this week, I grabbed a few new candles for the main floor.  Some of you might remember this post that I wrote about a year and a half ago.  For those of you who don’t, there was a point in time where I once declared, I really want to learn how to decorate with candles.  Well, 14 months later, I finally managed to burn through my first candle purchase of two candles.  This might be a world record for Longest Amount Of Time Needed To Burn Two Candles.  But, naturally, I had to purchase two more.

As you can see, suburban life just continues to be thrilling. ;)


I realized I haven’t posted since last…Friday?  I thought I’d pop in to say “hi.”  So, then.  Hello.

On Saturday, I baked these Billionaire Cookies.  No, seriously.  I used the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from the Best Bake Sale Cookbook (it really is phenomenally good) and substituted Warren Buffet-stamped M&Ms from the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

Billionaire Cookies

Fancy.  I brought half of them to my parents’ house and kept half of them here.

After a relaxing weekend of baking and dinner and visiting with friends, I thought I was 100% ready to tackle this week and cruise through it.  Instead, I sort of feel like I got tossed into a tornado.  Anyone else?

My dinner for the past two nights has centered around french fries with truffle aioli and red wine, so it’s pretty clear that I have not been cooking.  At all.  I look forward to breaking that streak tonight.

Winter finally took its revenge on us yesterday.  After watching everyone on the East Coast (and in Chicago!) just get pummeled with snow, we got nailed with a full day of freezing rain and snow.  I (hand to God) had to scrape my car three times throughout the course of the day and I am pretty sure that I sacrificed my nude pair of Flax Pumps as a snowy offering.  I know that the more sensible decision would have been to change in and out of boots, but clearly that did not happen.  Not to be that person, but those shoes were on their last leg (or heel!) anyway.

Happy Wednesday everyone and happy Mercury retrograde is ending.  I’ll be back to share more when I can.



I was on such a good clip with Reverb, and traveling and working and holiday-ing and then it all got completely derailed by the general state of busy-ness that we are in.  My house has been more of a crash pad for the last week than an actual home and that is just draining.  But, as my husband sagely pointed out, it is a crash pad that comes with a very comfortable bed.  He is not wrong.

On the bright side, the kitchen and bathroom are clean and I am no longer filled with a spirit of loathing and disgust when I lay eyes upon them.

Anyhow.  All is well, mostly

I went back to the dermatologist yesterday because that mole on my back that they removed grew back at an alarming rate (which they sometimes, but generally are not supposed to do).  My dermatologist was very impressed with the speed at which it returned and scheduled me for a minor outpatient surgery with local anesthesia on January 8 to For Real Cut It Out.  She has no reason to believe that the regrowth cells are anything other than the original abnormal cells, but everything must go!  So that is a fun thing to look forward to in the new year.  PSA: Go get your body mapped.

Otherwise, we are inundated by Christmas cards.  We have sent nothing in exchange.  My sorority sister who is doing her medical residency won at cards this year.  She sent a two page letter detailing her residency (and her accomplishments!) month by month and I OMG love her for it.  I have to start thinking about what our Valentine’s Day card (what I’ve sent for the past few years) will look like.

I don’t have heaps of time off for the holidays (read: a half day on Christmas Eve, a full day on Christmas Day and a full day on New Year’s Day), but I am looking forward to having a few extra hours here and there to relax and just be.  Honest to God, my biggest goal for Christmas Eve before I head off to church with Mom and Billy is to watch a(ny) movie on HBO On Demand.  Just the idea of sitting around for two-ish hours sounds delightful.

I hope y’all are able to enjoy some quality time with your favorite people over the holidays.  Enjoy the lights and the love and the laughter.  XO




Oh man.   Happy Sunday, kittens.

I know we were on vacation this week, but there is nothing quite like being at home, right?  We had a fairly busy slate of activities on Friday and Saturday, but today, I finally had a day to relax.

In case you were wondering what I consider a relaxing day, it involves: Prepping breakfast for the week, prepping the meat for Monday night’s dinner, listening to the Sarah R. Bagley podcast with guest Brigid Schulte, cleaning the kitchen and the master bathroom, working out, writing my vacation blog posts and going out for family dinner.

So you know, pretty much the usual.

If I may be so honest, the last eight (seriously, eight) weekends have been absolutely packed full of things.  They have been packed full of wonderful, perfect adventures but as I’m sure you know, that can get to be a lot when it is back to back to back to back.  Once upon a time in August when all of this went down in the calendar, I took one look at Halloween Weekend and wrote “see no one, do nothing.”  Seriously.

So today was a glorious taste of what next weekend and the month of November could feel like.  I cannot wait.

From the department of things that are 100% First World, we got the iPhone 6 this weekend and my 2015 Whitney English Day Designer arrived.


To discuss the iPhone first, (1) Yes I got gold, (2) now I know that I am matching one of the Kardashians in this regard, (3) none of my cat pictures transferred to my new phone from the cloud and this was tragic.  My last three phone transfers were extremely disruptive (Razr to BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Curve to DroidX, DroidX to iPhone 5) so this was a breeze in a lot of regards.  During my BlackBerry to Droid transition, the first phone I was issued had a faulty microphone and my phone number didn’t transfer for a week so it was basically like living back in 2000.

Enough about that.  On to fancy paper calendars.

I really liked my 2013 Erin Condren Life Planner.  I LOVED my Erin Condren Life Planner in 2013.  But the 2014 edition?  Was crap.  The day columns were noticeably smaller and more problematically, the laminate on the cover was awful.  Awful!  My planner sees the inside of my purse and my desk/our dining room table.  I would say this means that I use it regularly, but don’t expose it to untoward elements or especially heavy usage.  The corners of the laminate began peeling open within several months.  I know.  The Day Designer is sort of a beast, but I think the amount of space (page/day) will be helpful for 2015.  Also, there is this whole section in the front for strategic visioning/branding/goal setting that I am really excited to use.  I think it will be a good intention-setting tool for the new year.  You know?

I’m going to pop offline now because I’m so hoping to get to bed early tonight (fingers crossed!) but I can’t wait to share our vacation adventures/photos with y’all this week!