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No. 55: Cook one new recipe each week from The Joy of Cooking (143 Total Recipes).

One thing on the 101 in 1001 list that we’ve been having trouble with is the cooking one new recipe each week from The Joy of Cooking. Not because we’re having trouble cooking new things, but becuase I kind of find a theme or concept and riff on it. To that end, I’m editing the goal to cook 143 new recipes in total. However, they do not all need to be from The Joy of Cooking. So, same concept, slightly different execution.

Which brings us, as it does many times, to the NYT. Long story short, I found this article about creamed corn on the Bitten Blog by Mark Bittman – Real Creamed Corn. That, in turn brings us to a photo of one of the most beautiful dinners I’ve ever made (coincidentally, tonight).
Back to the creamed corn thing though, read the article and roll with it. I had never actually thought about the fact that people actually made creamed corn. Skeptical, and armed with a vegetable peeler (because who actually has the hulling-thing that they described in the article?), I made a concoction that I’m fairly certain I will be cooking until I’m 80. I was hesitant to add the minced tarragon, but wow…just wow. After eating that creation I was actually positively dazed. And, I finally managed to roast (30 min in the oven)/grill (20 minutes on the grill) a chicken with a dry rub to have a crispy skin, which was positively sensational.
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Re-defining Pizza

If you haven’t noticed, I’m on a big food processing – mediterranean-esque – flatbread jag.

In the NYT today, I found this recipe which looks to be pretty delicious. And, after experiencing slices of potato on pizza at Mesa, I am certain that it would be a roaring success.

Healthier Pizzas

I think it will be a project once I move out of the rents’ place.

I love Feta + I love Phyllo. Which means…

The NYT Dining & Wine section never fails to impress me. I think someday, I will host a party where I serve only the things that I have found there.

I love greek food, and honestly, I’ve never heard of any recipes that one would serve specifically for Greek Orthodox Easter.

Sonia’s Phyllo and Feta Torte

But this one sounds like it could be delicious. Or I could be slowly selling my soul to Melissa Clark.

Bruschetta – a variation.

Here’s another recipe hot off of the NYT presses. Loving bruschetta+loving mushrooms, this sounds like it could be a particularly delightful experiment.

Bruschetta with Mushroom Topping

Breakfast Alternatives

NYT has had some homeruns in the Dining & Wine section this week.

Today’s article covered non-traditional breakfast choices with an emphasis on savory flavors and whole grains. This translated into several interesting recipes, the most tantalizing in my opinion being the one with polenta. Polenta is highly underrated in my opinion and when cooked properly, can be a nice side dish for a meal. Done poorly, it turns into a scary mass of yellow goobers.

I’m not a pancetta fan but another meat or some other savory taste could be subbed in for that. At the end of the recipe, they also offer another topping option involving tomatoes, mozzarella and herbs. J’adore.

Polenta ‘Pizza’ With Pancetta and Spinach

Mystery Recipe

I am hesitant to post this because frankly, it sounds like a beautiful disaster in a pan. Its WAY more eclectic than anything I would normally dare to cook or test out on another human being, and yet for some reason, it sounds totally perfect.

Roast Cauliflower and Peas with Chutney Cheese Sauce

Something worth waiting for.

Today was seafood-fest.

Billy always has a craving for lobster over winter break and so Mom procured two lobsters, some King Crab legs and approximately 20 scallops. Combined with crinkle fries and cole slaw, it was like the perfect storm.

I’m one of those people who always likes to talk about what I’ve read in The New York Times, and this article, Three Ways Till Sunday particularly fascinated me. However, I’ve not had the opportunity since reading the article to act on it.

So right now we’re making the Lobster Stock, so that when I get back from the cruise, we can make Lobster Risotto. It is important to note that rather than using only lobster, we’re also using the scallop broth and the crab as well. Its going to be pretty fantastic.